MicroVision EX Metering Pump Controller from Pulsafeeder

MPC Series, Metering Pump Controller, Pulsafeeder

MPC Series, Metering Pump Controller, PulsafeederMicroVision EX is a microprocessor-based Conductivity, pH, and ORP controller, with the features and functions you need for accurate monitoring and control of cooling tower water that won’t break your budget! MicroVision EX has optional PULSAlink cloud based communications so you can CONTROL YOUR CONTROLLER FROM ANYWHERE!

MicroVision EX Flyer

Optional PULSAlink Cloud Based Communications - Access your MicroVision EX Controller(s) form anywhere, over an Encrypted cloud based site.

  • Live Readings

  • Data Logging

  • Change Settings

  • Email Notifications

PULSAlink Tri-fold

Stay connected o your MicroVision EX using your mobile device, tablet or laptop.


  • Toroidal conductivity sensor.

  • One-point calibration.

  • Large easy to read color display.

  • Lockable front cover.

  • Multiple level security codes.

  • Up to 10 digital inputs.

  • Dry contact alarm output.

  • Battery backup.
         •USB data logging is standard: •Up to 2 years of data logging.
         •Upload/Download program settings.
         •Upgrades to the Operating System.

  • Optional PULSAlink cloud based communications, over an Encrypted cloud based site. •Live Reading
         •Data Logging
         •Change Settings
         •Email Notifications

  • eServiceReport compatible.


Conductivity Range
0-9,999 ??S/cm
ORP Range
-2000 - +2000mV
Power Input
100 VAC ??? 240 VAC / 50/60Hz / 8A
Controller Display
Multicolor graphical LCD
Selectable:, Limit, Percent, % Post Bleed With Limit, Water Meter Pulse Timer, Biocide Control Timer with Pre-bleed, Lockout and Conductivity Minimum, 4-20mA Input, pH or ORP Set Point Control, Alarm Output
Selectable Relays
Up to 8
Flow Switch Activate Flow Rate
Approx. 1 gpm/3.78 lpm
Lockable Viewing Window
Ambient Temperature
122??F / 50??C Max
Average Current Draw
8 Amps Max
Product Options
  • Optional Make-up Conductivity Control with a Toroidal Sensor.
  • 4-20 mA Analog Outputs and Inputs
  • Ethernet Interface
  • PULSAlink cloud based communications
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